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EC Landscape News - SUMMER 2019 EDITION

The Summer 2019 Edition of EC Landscape News is now available.

To coincide with the arrival of summer, this edition focuses on issues that can present challenges as temperatures rise and watering restrictions continue to shape landscape watering practices. Topics include when to water, Brown Patch fungus, and the benefits of deep watering.

Many of the local water agencies are offering turf replacement rebates through SoCal Water$mart, who has partnered with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The rebates include residential and commercial properties.

In addition to the turf removal rebates, other incentives are also being offered for both inside and outside the home or business as a means of promoting water conservation. We take a look at what they have to offer and touch on our experiences in working with these programs.

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2019 Sring: Homeowner Gardening Tips
- Tackling Weeds -

The rains have provided much-needed moisture to the soil, and your garden is likely breathing a sigh of relief. The added moisture, fueled by the warm sun between breaks in the storms, presents an open invitation for weeds. Here are a few quick tips to help you manage the weed problem in the coming spring.

1. Tackle them Early: It is best to remove weeds now before they spread and take over your garden. The pesky type of weeds, and those that are difficult to deal with later in the year, are those that send out new shoots from their existing taproots. Dandelions, as well as other common weeds, have long taproots that will continue to grow if you do not remove the entire root. Pull them early while they are small and the soil is moist.

2. Arm Yourself with the Right Tools: This is the ideal time to pick weeds, not only before they shoot out new roots, but also when the ground is soft, moist, and the roots are more pliable. Using the right tools will make the job much easier. Typical tools used for this task include a gardening pick and spades that are designed for dandelion removal.

3. Fill in the Voids: Do not allow the areas where weeds have been removed to create a bare spot, which will invite another weed to fill out a rental application and move in! If the area where you pulled a weed is in a mulched planter bed, fill in the hole with soil and top it off

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