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EC Landscape News - SPRING 2022 EDITION

The Spring 2022 Edition of EC Landscape News is now available.

The pandemic has had an impact on most of us, either directly or indirectly, for the last couple of years, with no end in sight. We discuss those impacts on the landscape industry.

We continue to monitor climate and drought conditions that impact California and the West as we enter into the final months of the 2021-22 water year. The key factor is water allocations by the water districts.

Next, we give a brief history of plant identification and the horticultural propagation process that leads to plant species naming.

We conclude with an article describing nursery tags and labels, helping to have a better understanding of the information.

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PLANT PROFILE - Trailing Ice Plant

Lampranthus spectabilis – 'Trailing Ice Plant', is a popular groundcover known for its brilliant display of color in early spring. Its daisy-like flowers offer a range of colors in shades of pink, purple, white, to a vibrant magenta, offset by a yellowish center. When in bloom, the flowers open up with the sun and close at dusk. They also go dormant in the winter.

The trailing ice plant moderately spread into an attractive carpet, densely covered with showy flowers. As the name implies, it also trails and cascades where desired. Each plant matures to approximately 24” in width and 10” to 12” in height. Its wiry stems sprawl horizontally across the ground, bearing gray-green, finger-like succulent leaves.

Lampranthus spectabilis is drought tolerant, requiring little water, and flowers best when planted in a sunny location. It also tolerates both the heat and cold. Ideal for use as erosion control on slopes and as a median or parkway strip accent. It does have a tendency to become woody with age, unless cutback periodically to rejuvenate its shape and density.

For more information regarding trailing ice plant for your area, contact your local nursery or garden center.