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EC Landscape News - WINTER 2021 EDITION

The Winter 2021 Edition of EC Landscape News is now available.

We look at the impacts of continuing drought conditions in California and the Southwest are also being felt by groundwater resources up and down the state. Aquifers, which are valuable domestic and agricultural water supplies, have also reached critically low levels.

Slope protection and erosion control remain important concerns as we enter into our wet season. Hillside areas can be challenging, and when landscape properly, can also be visually rewarding.

We conclude with an article discussing the Drought Emergency declarations that have been issued by the state and respective water management agencies. Climate and water experts are keeping a close look at weather data as it relates to drought status.

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PLANT PROFILE - Chinese Flame Tree

Koelreuteria bipinnata – Chinese Flame Tree, is an attractive deciduous tree that is popular in our region. It is known for its colorful display of bright-yellow flowers with red accents that emerge in late-summer. The fruit of the tree are born through pinkish-red, papery seed capsules that are in the shape of silk lanterns.

The Chinese flame tree is moderate to fast growing and tolerates heat, sun, and winter temperatures down to 20°F. Once established, it is drought tolerant. It typically reaches 30’ to 40’ in height and width at maturity. It has a deep, noninvasive root system, making it attractive as a street tree.

Koelreuteria bipinnata does not have any common or serious insect or disease problems. Its branches are weak and break easily. However, pruning at a young age is recommended in order to develop high-branching, establish continuity and shape, and to build strong branch structure.

For more information regarding Chinese flame trees for your area, contact your local nursery or home improvement center.