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EC Landscape News - WINTER 2017 EDITION

The Winter 2017 Edition of EC Landscape News is now available online.

We start this edition off with a warm welcome to two new members to the EC family. Congratulations to Haley and Ty on the new arrivals. Yes, twins!

Winter is taking its time arriving in Southern California, but that should not take away from our maintenance routines. Included in this issue is an article on hard pruning, which is typically performed during the winter months when most plants have entered into dormancy.

Lookin beyond winter, we have included an article on the "dos and don'ts" of tree planting. Trees are often planted without knowledge their full impact on the selected location. As many of the trees in our area reach maturity, the implications of poor choices become obvious.

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Controlling warm season grasses is extremely challenging and more of an art than a science. The goal is to reduce the usage of chemicals while taking advantage of the changes in weather patterns and temperatures. It is important to balance the removal of the warm season grasses during their dormancy period when temperatures are conducive to support the germination of replacement grass seed. The timing of the removal process is critical for it to be fully effective.

Warm Season Grasses Turfgrasses are divided into two categories; warm season and cool season grasses. The most common turfgrass variety used in Southern California is tall fescue, which is categorized as a cool season grass. A cool season grass is defined as those varieties with optimum growth at temperatures between 60° and 75°F. Warm season grasses, as the name implies, are those varieties that thrive at higher temperature ranges between 80° and 95°F and go dormant in the winter.

Invasive grasses, commonly called weed-like  grasses, include bermudagrass, kikuyu, and poa annua, which are common in our area. These species are errantly referred to as warm season grasses because of their inherent quality to go dormant and turn yellow when temperatures drop down into the mid-40s and below, normally in the month of November. Continue Reading

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