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EC Landscape News - WINTER 2018 EDITION

The Winter 2018 Edition of EC Landscape News is now available online.

In this issue we look at two popular plants that have gained popularity in commercial and residential landscape developments. They are the Rose and the Poinsettia. We identify a few varieties that have been shown to be successful in our area.

Next up we discuss the benefits of pruning trees and shrubs to help guide them through winter and to attain their maximum health and productivity in the spring.

We also look at smart controllers and how they are augmented with input from qualified technicians, striving toward the maximum plant, tree, and turf health, while managing irrigation under current watering restrictions.

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TREE STAKING - Bracing for Winter

We typically get our strongest winds during the winter months. Plus, saturated soil can contribute to a tree’s instability. The following article will help defend newly planted and existing trees against the elements of nature.

Tree stakes, not to be confused with a nursery stake, are used to support a tree’s trunk and root system until it has matured in size to support its leaf canopy against the elements of nature. Depending on the type of tree, this usually takes about two to three growing seasons.

In order to promote growth and to aid in the development of a strong trunk and branch system, trees need to naturally sway back and forth. Tree stakes with rubber cross-ties, when installed properly, will permit a tree to sway, and help prevent it from being blown over or snapping off.

Tree stakes should be placed firmly into the soil, approximately one foot on each side of the tree. Align the stakes perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing wind, which in this area typically blows from west to east.

Tree Ties

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